Medical Concierge Services

For Your Client

Our goal is to provide expedited service, so your focus stays where it matters most... on your client.

Why Choose Us?

We help expedite wrongful injury cases and get your client the treatment they need by funding their medical care.

Medical Management Concepts works with personal injury attorneys to get their clients the medical treatment they need and the compensation they deserve. We coordinate consultations and fund surgical procedures as needed. We provide all bills, notes, and records in a timely manner for both the surgeon and the facility. Once the client is at the settlement stage, we handle the reduction request that covers all parties involved. It’s simple; one bill, one reduction.

Legal Benefits

Experienced claims negotiators
Support and enhance provider relationships
Case management support
Decrease time to settlement

Provider Relationship

Eliminate payment uncertainty
Address provider cost concerns
Treatments Coordinated
Increase provider acceptance

Increased Settlement Value

Assistance with affidavits and DWQ's
Claims valued by care received
Eliminate “future care claims”
Eliminate gaps in coverage

Take away the stress of medical bills

So your client can focus on getting better instead

High-Quality Medical Concierge Services

Get the service you need and the results you want.

We have decades of

Medical Management Concepts helps you settle cases early and get compensated faster.

The doctors in our network perform at top-tier surgical facilities in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin, TX.


We have decades of combined medical, legal, and case management experience to streamline services.


We collect bills, notes, records, and affidavits to expedite your case.