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When healthcare providers are confident they will be paid, they are far more willing to cooperate with you.

As a personal injury lawyer, you frequently deal with situations in which your client is injured and needs medical care right away. The client might not, however, have health insurance. Additionally, medical professionals could be reluctant to take on a case in which they might not receive payment for months or even years. Medical Management Concepts steps in at this point. We have a track record of working with lawyers to develop strong arguments. Because we are self-funded,  your client does not have to wait for a settlement before they are compensated.

Healthcare professionals focus on caring for your clients once they are aware that financial matters have been taken care of, so you can focus on obtaining a settlement. What might have been a contentious relationship in the past is now advantageous to both parties. Pay is given to healthcare practitioners, and with extra time, you can take on more cases. Most importantly, your client gets back to life quicker.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide expedited service, so your focus stays where it matters most… on your client.

Our Values

Medical Management Concepts values integrity, transparency, professionalism, and excellence.

Our Team

We seek to provide access to patient-centered healthcare with excellence in quality, service, and convenience.


Medical Management Concepts is your top option for wrongful injury cases. We help you settle cases early and get compensated more quickly. Our assistance frees up your paralegals and staff to work on other cases, saving you time and money.


We coordinate appointments and medical referrals, prepare files by gathering and arranging medical documents and invoices, and summarize treatment costs. We minimize or do away with treatment and coverage gaps by assisting in the coordination of your customers’ care.


Medical Management Concepts works with healthcare providers to ensure that they will not need to wait for a settlement in order to be paid because we are self-funded. They can focus on taking care of your clients once they know we have taken care of the money. All you have to do is focus on winning settlements.


We are a collaborative team of experts.

Even if you only require a provider-direct lien for surgery, we are a versatile resource for wrongful-injury clients at any stage along the care continuum. You can rely on us to provide the care they require while you secure the compensation they deserve.

Client Experiences

"Dr Ravi Assomull is great doctor very experienced and friendly, it’s a pleasure to meet him and get seen by him, I look forward to see him again."
Michael Adesman67, New York
"Dr. Mittal explained everything he was going to do. I was petrified and nervous, and he put me at ease and made me feel, and i most certainly recommend ... "
Jennifer Murphy17, Boston
"An excellent Surgeon who is dedicated to his profession. I was his patient in 2014 with of my tongue.. I have no hesitation in recommending him for ... "
Stuart Garza10, Houston
"I had a radical hysterectomy in October by Mr Jeyarajah. It was a very stressful time for me and my family but him and his secretary was treated were ... "
Javier Higgins27, Orlando

Our Team



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