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What We Offer

Fast Access to Care

We are your go-to resource for fast access to care in wrongful injury claims. We coordinate appointments and medical referrals, prepare files by gathering and arranging medical documents and invoices, and summarize treatment costs. Our assistance frees up your paralegals and staff to work on other cases, saving you time and money.


We minimize or eliminate treatment and coverage gaps since we assist in coordinating your clients’ care. Medical Management Concepts works with healthcare providers to ensure that they won’t need to wait for a settlement in order to be paid because we are self-funded. They can focus on taking care of your clients once they know we’ve taken care of the money.

Network of Care

At Medical Management Concepts, we collaborate with carefully screened medical professionals across Texas to establish a network of care that links them to lawyers and clients. We find the best treatment available with no out-of-network constraints. Regardless of where, when, or how accident victims are hurt, top-notch medical care is only a short distance away.

Bigger Settlements

Settlements are greater when surgery is performed before a lawsuit concludes, according to dozens of law firms polled. The evidence shows that when clients have the operations they require while their case is still pending, they not only get better faster, but they also get better settlements. We help your case move forward with no extra work on your behalf because we have a built-in provider network and accredited surgical centers.

Lien Services

Medical Management Concepts can give a provider-direct solution for any required surgeries, which account for the large majority of medical expenses, while maintaining a global lien for all services. Additionally, since we are the ones holding the lien directly, your cash flow is unencumbered by the need to pay for surgical consultations.

Case Management

To organize all of your client’s treatment, including direct coordination with the local cutting-edge surgical centers, our case managers serve as a single point of contact. It streamlines and reduces the amount of paperwork that you, your paralegals, and your clients need to manage because most of the necessary information can be transferred directly between us and the surgical centers.

Surgical Centers

We collaborate with surgical centers that have carefully selected and vetted the surgeons we use to perform procedures. The surgeons we deal with are aware of how critical it is to establish and provide evidence for obvious causality at the time of consultation, where it exists. If necessary, they are prepared to defend their expert medical judgment.

Reasonable & Customary Fees

With Medical Management Concepts, you can trust that the fees at our associated surgical centers are reasonable and customary because they are supported by a defensible bill that is certified by numerous outside sources. You will feel confident that the surgical allegations will hold up under inspection if the case proceeds to mediation, arbitration, or trial.

Our Network of Care

We connect attorneys and clients with medical providers in the Austin, San Antonio, and Houston areas.
Surgical Facilities
Physical Therapists
Pain Management Specialists
Radiology Facilities
TBI Centers